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Seattle, Washington, Environmental Land Use Attorneys

Coupling knowledge of environmental law with a true concern for the environment and sustainable development is the mission of Aramburu & Eustis, LLP in Seattle, Washington. We help our clients navigate through complex procedures and requirements of environmental and land use laws.

Our practice areas include:

Knowledgeable and Proactive Attorneys

Richard Aramburu and Jeffrey Eustis have been involved with environmental and land use laws practically since their adoption. In addition to knowing these laws, they have held leadership positions in many environmental and civic organizations.

Practical and Dedicated Representation

The goal of Aramburu & Eustis, LLP in Seattle, Washington, is to make our knowledge and experience available to those in environmental disputes toward the end of promoting a sustainable environment.
We take a strategic approach to land use applications. We encourage our clients to include us very early in the process. If you are serious about the issue and committed to the cause, then the information and arguments that you present from the outset need to be well focused. We assist clients in presenting their issues early in the process.
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