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Seattle, Washington, Land Use and Environmental Attorneys

At the Law Offices of J. Richard Aramburu PLLC & the Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Eustis PLLC in Seattle, our practice in environmental law combines high-level knowledge with dedication. We aim to apply the law to promote a more healthy and sustainable environment.

Advocacy and Information

Our law firms were established to provide clients with experienced legal advice in complex land use and environmental disputes. We have served in various environmental and civic organizations. We have each successfully handled cases related to flooding and landslides, as well as other environmental concerns. At the law offices of J. Richard Aramburu PLLC and Jeffrey M. Eustis PLLC, we serve as an information resource and as advocates that can communicate with you in plain language regarding land use and environmental law. Our commitment does not stop in the office, courtroom, or hearing room.

Continuing and Contemporary Knowledge

Knowledge of the environment is not static. Ever-changing rules and regulations require a committed lawyer to keep up-to-date on the latest developments. Through presentations to and attendance at legal seminars, our attorneys stay current on decisions and changes under the various statutes, such as Washington's Growth Management Act, the State Environmental Policy Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and Endangered Species Act. We have the capability to represent a range of clients, from those appearing before local hearing examiners to those with cases before state and federal appellate courts.
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