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Seattle, Washington, Real Estate, Land Use and Environmental Attorneys

We provide legal assistance to homeowners and homeowners associations in real estate matters. We recognize the problems that our clients face as purchasers and sellers of real estate.

Commercial and Residential Transaction Disputes

Due diligence requirements of environmental laws, the disclosure requirements of consumer protection laws, and the restrictions of land use laws all increase the complexity of real estate transactions. Rick Aramburu & Jeff Eustis understand these laws and assist clients in working through these complex regulations in real estate transactions.

Not Getting What They Paid For

Owning your own home is a large part of the American Dream. However, when a longtime problem with the property is discovered following purchase, that dream can quickly become a nightmare. To ensure that your claims are heard and your rights are defended, legal representation is key to getting what you paid for in the first place.

Precedent-Setting Covenant and Easement Cases

We have each represented homeowners and homeowner associations in disputes over easements and covenants, and particularly disputes involving Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). Our experience in this area is comprehensive, and we have argued precedent-setting cases.

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